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The Festival O Marisquiño

Spectacular starting tower for the Dirt Jump at the XXIII edition of the Festival O Marisquiño de Vigo, where some of the best riders in the world have surprised us…

Spanish Bouldering Cup in Cuenca

The city of Cuenca has been this year one of the venues of the Spanish Bouldering Cup. An idyllic and unique place for the climbing world for its magnificent natural…

Psicoblock Master Series – Ferrol

A year ago we celebrated in Ferrol the Psicoblock Master Series, the most international DWS (deep water soloing) event in the world. A spectacular climbing modality that, for the first…

Speed climbing

Speed climbing is in full swing and more and more competitors are coming to our events, where it’s a real spectacle! where it’s a real spectacle! Speed climbing is a…

DWS Master Competition

The first 🥇 DWS master competition in the world was held in Bilbao in 2010. Created and directed by our CEO Finuco Martinez, it was the first event of its…

Redbull Creepers, a real challenge!

Redbull Creepers, a real challenge! Creating and managing a new climbing concept under the Redbull brand has been one of the most exciting challenges we have faced. At B3 Sportainment…








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