Redbull Creepers was born in 2014 after a conversation with Bernard Scheiflinger (Head of  international & Event Marketing presso Red Bull). After talking about one of our events, the Psicoblock Master Series, Bernard said that we had to give the format a twist and look for a new bridge.

After a year of searching, we created “Red Bull Creepers”. 16 of the world’s best climbers facing a challenging course on a bridge over the waters of the Arja River. The toughest climbing competition in the world, the one you’ve never heard of, where they tried to defy gravity and reach the 13-meter summit in the shortest time possible.

Who came out on top in this ultimate test of speed, strength and agility?

After two successful editions, we are already working on a step further! Soon we will have new news from Redbull Creepers!

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