The largest event of urban culture and action sports south Europe.

With four Olympic disciplines among its activities: Skate (WCS), BMX, Breaking and Basket 3×3 (FIBA), as well as Dirt Jump (FMB Gold Event), where the best riders in the world come together.

We can’t forget the spectacular Flatland, MTB, Best Trick or Finger Skate events, as well as live music, Graffiti and Battle Rap.

A great free festival, in the open air, in the middle of August, in front of the sea, on the beach and in the city that brings together more than ten sporting competitions for three days, as well as different art, urban culture and entertainment events.

Every year it is held on the second weekend of August and in each edition more than 160,000 people enjoy the competitions, exhibitions, concerts, gastronomy and the unique atmosphere that is generated around the event in the city of Vigo.

Beyond Sports & Entertainment!