From Plex to Spiderman in one day….

Creating different content is the basis of the new forms of communication of youtubers, who captivate millions of followers.

Red Bull knows a lot about this and it’s a pleasure ☺️ to work together with them every time they propose us a new challenge because we love crazy things πŸ˜….

Climbing a glass building? imitating Spiderman? climbing with electric suction cups? 😳😳😳


We helped youtuber Plex to climb up a 15-meter-high glass facade with suction cups, emulating Spiderman as the completion of “around the world in 85 days”.

On this occasion it was to perform the safety of a climbing πŸ§— with electric suction cups thanks to which the famous youtuber managed to climb a glass building emulating Spiderman, his favorite superhero.

These types of actions are perfect for content creators to generate new experiences and captivate their followers.